/ Insurance / Industrial risks / Transport

Insurance / Industrial risks / Transport

We intervene both in “major risks” insurance cases (RC of land, sea and air carriers and freight forwarders, ad valorem cargo insurance, etc.) and in personal insurance cases (life insurance, pension insurance) as well as in industrial risks (construction, damage to property, operational risks and financial risks).

Insurance and Industrial Risks

  • Property damage insurance (theft and fire) and liability insurance </ li>
  • Professional responsibility of corporate officers (D&O) and financial lines
  • Life and death insurance
  • Construction insurance and natural disasters
  • Operating loss insurance
  • Liability insurance for regulated professions (insurance brokers, accountants, notaries and real estate diagnosticians)
  • Financial risk insurance (life insurance litigation : defense of insurers and insurance brokers acting for failure to advise)
  • Personal insurance (health, pension, dependency, borrower)
  • Industrial and construction risk insurance
  • Analysis of insurance policies at the request of insurers or brokers (complex claims)
  • Analysis of the enforceability of guarantee, exclusion or revocation clauses to the insured when the insurer intends to use them to refuse coverage
  • Analysis of the risk of conviction of the insurer in the event of a legal action by the insured when the insurer intends to refuse compensation
  • Advice on insurance fraud
  • Pre-litigation and judicial expertise

Maritime, rail and road transport (national and international)

  • Defense of shipping carriers in the context of the actions of shippers (damage or loss of goods), defense of vehicle rental companies with or without a driver
  • Defense of freight forwarders charged by shippers for any type of damage (damage, loss, delay, delivery problems)
  • Defense of port handlers operated by carriers in warranty
  • Defence of road hauliers challenged by the rightful owners of the goods(CMR Convention on International road transport)
  • Defense of movers

Air transport

  • Defence of air carriers against passenger claims (personal injury, delay and overbooking, lost or misdirected baggage)
  • Defence of air carriers against shippers ‘ claims (damage or loss of goods)
  • Establishment of amicable and judicial remedies on behalf of airlines (or their subrogated insurers) against handling agents or other service providers operating in the airport area (bird peril, traffic accidents on the airfield etc.)
  • Defence of aerial drone operators
  • Defence of hot air balloon operators