/ Real estate / Commercial leases

Real estate / Commercial leases

Commercial leases

  • Drafting of leases and renewal documents
  • Drafting application for renewal and leave
  • Recovery of rents and charges
  • Proceedings for the acquisition of the resolution clause and expulsion is Referred works
  • Judicial expertise early termination
  • Litigation relating to the fixing of the rent of the renewed lease
  • Eviction compensation litigation
  • Assignment of right to lease


  • Assistance and advice in the context of acquisitions and sales rent
  • Litigation Real estate


  • Management of disputes involving liability of manufacturers
  • Assistance in the context of judicial expertise


  • Advice and assistance to trustees
  • Appeals against decisions of general meetings
  • Works on common / private areas
  • Compliance with the provisions of the condominium by-law and assembly decisions
  • Claims concerning common or private areas