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Mergers / Acquisitions / Restructurings

The firm ASKOLDS accompanies, advises and defends SMEs and mid-sized companies in particular in the trade sector (furniture…), renewable energies, fintech, media…. in all the daily or exceptional stages of their lives : from their creation through their development (external growth operation and partnership …) to their restructuring.

In this context, the firm intervenes in particular in the field of:

  • Internal restructuring (merger, simplified merger, partial contribution of assets, TUP, capital reduction, implementation of intra-group agreements<)
  • Transition to a company with a Mission
  • Management package for managers and employees
  • Raising funds (capital increase or issuance of complex securities) from investors : love money, business angels or investment funds
  • Corporate governance and monitoring of company law (general meetings, financial authorizations, record keeping….)
  • Project structuring/complex and tailor-made arrangements according to the project (assistance in arbitration on the legal arrangement to be retained/coordination of legal and tax aspects/Incorporation of companies….)
  • Acquisition / disposal of companies or assets, merger / contribution / split, joint venture
  • Drafting of contractual documentation and in particular the Articles of Association/Pacts….
  • Prevention procedures (ad hoc mandate/conciliation)
  • Collective procedure: safeguard, reorganization and liquidation
  • Acquisition of troubled business

With an experienced and attentive team, ASKOLDS provides entrepreneurs and SMEs with advice and a tailor-made service tailored to their needs.