/ Non-profit organizations / Social entrepreneurship

Non-profit organizations / Social entrepreneurship

ASKOLDS supports non-profit organizations : Associations, foundations, endowment funds, mutual associations, and Social entrepreneurs in the structuring, development, and restructuring of their activities focused on an integrated approach. The Cabinet of Ministers deals, in particular, with the following issues:

  • creation of social structures (recognized public funds and other forms, associations, endowment funds, cooperatives, mutual associations, etc.)
  • tracking current work,
  • < li>thinking through, implementing and providing comprehensive support for reorganization, restructuring and development strategies (merger, consolidation, merger, separation, partial inflow of assets, etc.),< / li>
    < li>partitioning or filializing commercial activities,< / li>
    < li>drafting contracts with due regard for the specifics of non-profit organizations,< / li>
    < li>dissolution and liquidation,< / li>
    < li>patronage and sponsorship,< / li>
    < li>advising and supporting social entrepreneurs in the creation and development of their project.

As part of the development of this sector, ASKOLDS is partnering, through Sabine Larmonier, with Ticket for Exchange, a “pre-incubator” of positive impact entrepreneurship projects and, in particular, intervenes in the areas of social medicine and inclusive living environments.